Halloween is the perfect time to switch it up in the bedroom with some kinky hot role-play sex. You are already in your costume pretending to be someone else, you may as well go the full way and act like that character too for added kinky fun! Why not take the roles of Massimo and Laura from 365 days for some seriously steamy role play by adding some handcuffs and restraints!

Try these frisky Halloween positions to turn the heat up this Halloween.

Rise from the Grave

You’re both in a state of undress and your costumes are scattered all over the floor. He sits in on the sofa or armchair fully erect and waiting for you. She eases back on to him with her back facing his chest to plunge deep inside, he pulls her in tight to start thrusting hard.

HOT HORNY TIP – Turn up the heat by getting him to add some buzz-fun! He can wrap his arms around the front and vibrate your clitoris with your favourite sex toy for some sizzling sensations! 

Halloween Witch Sitting Position

Ask your partner to lay on the floor ( the man or woman wearing a strap-on), you then sit on top of them in reverse with your bum towards their face. Your partner should keep their legs together and straight as they form the ‘witches broom’ for this position. 

Then, here’s the twist to the traditional reverse cow-girl position – Instead of sitting on top of your partner, you should squat whilst keeping them or the toy inside of you!

Whilst carefully leaning forward and holding onto your partner’s legs, you can bounce up and down taking control of the broomstick ride all night long!

The Hogwarts Witch and Wizard

This one will really excite the Potterheads out there!

You will need to get yourself into the Halloween Witch Sitting Position ( Number 2 above) but you will need a couple of props. 

The Wizard laying down will require a wand of course, we suggest a Butt Plug which can be inserted into the witch riding on top for some extra stimulation!

HOT HORNY TIPWhy not dress up as rival houses from Harry Potter and re-enact the moment a Gryffindor is caught in a steamy session with a sexy Slytherin! 

Silence of the Lambs

This one is for the true kinks out there! Do you remember Hannibal Lecter from the Silence of the Lambs when he was restrained in the asylum? Well this is no different as we re-enact that scene! 

One partner will need to be strapped down to either the chair or bed using restraints with their hands strapped across their chest as if they are in a straitjacket. If you want to take this to the next level, add in a mouth gag for the true experience! This is the fun part where the other partner gets to enjoy the benefits of having you strapped down in front of them. You can take full control and drive your partner wild with all the teasing and playing!

HOT HORNY TIPRemember this type of play time is very fun however, does come with risks. It is important to discuss with your partner an agreed safety plan beforehand – You could use a specific noise ( 3 high-pitched noises consecutively) as a safe word or a physical cue such as holding an object and dropping it when distressed. 

Vampire Bat

This is seriously adventurous and for the thrill-seekers out there. You will need a stable pull-up bar or shower rail that can withstand your partner hanging up-side down. Now once your partner is securely and comfortably hanging up-side down the fun begins. 

Position you and your partners mouths at each other’s genitals for some serious head-rushing 69-ing for an orgasm like never before. 

Bobbing for Boobs

This is some seriously fun role-play twist on the traditional ‘bobbing for apples’ and perfect before you get down n’ dirty! 

Fill up the bath, strip off and get in. Have your partner kneel beside the bath, blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back. The main goal is for your partner to bob their head until they get their prize in their mouth  – Your boobies! This activity is sure to bring out lots of splashing around and laughter due to its tantalizing nature. 

HOT HORNY TIPWhy not modify this game so your man can be the centre of attention. This can be easily modified for him but as Bobbing for Penis so she can get her prize and he can receive some slippery, wet oral in the bathtub. 

Grave Robber

This position is perfect for Halloween due to the thrill of doing something in pitch black darkness, under the covers and in secret! The trick is to wait for your partner to fall to sleep, then under the covers in the dark, wake your partner with unexpected thrill of jerking them back to life with some sinfully amazing oral sex. This will be sure to blow your partners mind and have an explosive orgasm!

Sugar Rush

Why not create the perfect trick-or-treating experience for your partner by dolloping blobs of flavoured lube all over your body where you would like them to lick. You could also pick your favourite sex toy out for your partner to use whilst sensually licking all over your body. 

The Vampires Kiss

Let the vampire take full control and take their blood-sucking sexual frustration out on you! Lean back on the kitchen counter and wrap your legs around your partner whilst throwing your head back to reveal your neck – The vampire’s deepest desire. You can grab, squeeze and slap their bum whilst pulling him in closer for that deeper sensation. Whilst he sucks and kisses your bare neck for the biggest turn on. 

The Frisky Frankenstein

We all know that Frankenstein’s Monster was not flexible, he was all stiff arms and legs! 

This standing position is perfect for using your ‘stiff’ body part whilst not having to get into bed. She keeps her heels on and positions herself with her back towards the wall. This allows him to face her and come in slowly…

HOT HORNY TIP Little squeeze’s and smacks will increase the pleasure!


We hope that these new sex position tips help you out this Halloween! Follow us on the socials for more! thelickerishshop



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