Make Halloween A Night To Remember!

Don’t let the kids have the fun this Halloween, host your own private trick or treat party with your designated lover. Give them a treat and unleash your inner Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad or play a real trick and be your alter-ego star Bonnie Aarons from the NUN. 

Whatever you decide you will be sure to set your partner in a frenzy with your saucy Halloween antics. There is definitely more to steaming up your Halloween this year than just dressing up and that’s what we are here for, to expertly glide you into making this exciting night of the year extremely special and steamy.

Halloween Game-gasms

Set no barriers this Halloween with our XXX-rated game apple toy bobbing this will be sure to spice up your night of erotic’s. 

How to play?

  1. Grab all the sex toys you own from rabbits & butt plugs to wands and nipple clamps! For this game you will need to ensure that all the toys are waterproof so please check applicable packaging before playing. 
  2. Fill your bathtub up with water, it probably would be best to not add bubble bath in order to avoid a sour taste in your mouth this Halloween. If you want to get more erotic you can fill up your kitchen sink instead again leaving out the fairy liquid.
  3. Chuck all your waterproof toys into the water so they are all floating around.
  4. Flip a coin to who will go first and place your trusted blind fold over your eyes or your partners!
  5. You and your partner will now take it in turns to bob the toys floating around and whatever you manage to pick out of the haul of sex toys will to be used on yourself leaving you dripping wet before selecting another toy.

Take it in turns as many times as you can handle until you are both screaming no more!

Top Tips

  1. Why not set the mood right and lay out some scented candles.
  2. Don’t forget any lubricant and massage oils as you may be going for longer than you originally thought.
  3. Best played naked!
  4. The more toys, the more pleasure.

Halloween-flix & Ride 

Hot your horny Halloween up and get cosy on the sofa with your partner, Netflix have recently hotted up their movie library with an array of new movies and series. With one to look out for in particular 365 days. This film will have you wanting to get up close and personal with your partner showing us all a new thing or two with a great story line that will have you hooked.

If an erotic is not your cup of tea you can still cling to your partner with some Horror flicks and end the night with a trick or a treat!

Check out some of the lickerish shops’ favourite horrors; The Invisible Man, The Parasite, Joker and IT Chapter Two.

Sweet or Scary Delights

We all work up an appetite whilst playing games and watching films so to keep that stamina up why not let your partner tantalise their taste buds as they use your body as the ultimate food platter.

Lay, Squirt and drizzle food all over your body and watch your partner lick and suck forbidden fruit, whipped cream and sauces! Who knows where their tongue will glide too as they slip and slide all over your body. You can have a tipple or two and use your belly buttons to drink from, just pour in your favourite spirit or bottle of bubbly.

To enhance your arousal and make the night more sensual this would probably be the best time to dust off your blindfold. For all the BDSM lovers bed restraints can also be used to definitely make this night a new experience for yourself and your lover or lovers!

Dressing up and Role Play

Halloween is the most perfect time of the year to dress up and bring out your alter ego, don’t just stay basic and dress up as a red devil or a pussycat. With 100’s of new costumes out you can really indulge your alter ego and be maleficent for the night, for the true extremist take things to the next level and become a sexy Hand Maid from Handmaid’s Tale and be obedient for your commander. 

Create a playful and naughty atmosphere by using scented candles and dimmed lighting. Before diving into your sexual experience at full force, noche up the kink by using Japanese Silk Rope or our famous Position Master ensuring you are being pounded with the precision you deserve. 

Flip the domination round on your partner for a change with our full range of Gimp Masks and ball gags. For more experienced BDSM players check out our Chastity Device range and make this a Halloween he will never forget by watching him squeal to shoot his load!

Indulge with both Nipple Suckers and Nipple Clamps which can be used on both Male and Female and then subside the screams with ball gags.

Get treated with an extra inch or two by introducing penis sleeves into your bedroom experience. As you may be going for a long time on your night remember cock rings are a perfect way to keep your man hard throughout the night to avoid any unfortunate tricks 

Whether you are submissive or dominating there is certainly fun for both. 

Top Tips

Don’t forget to add flavoured lubricants and condoms to your night to enhance your sexual experience. With a range of ribbed and ultra thin skin feel condoms it will feel like no protection is being used at all so you can have the full bareback adventure.

After the thrill of your Halloween encounter, keep hygienic by cleaning all your toys with a special toy cleaner. Therefore, if you get the horn again in a hurry there is no need to kill the mood with cleaning used toys.

We really hope you have an excellent night to remember and hope to see you tagging us in your fiascos on Instagram!

Happy Halloween!

The Lickerish Shop

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