How to make your sex life more interesting during the second lockdown!

If you are isolating on your todd or with your partner this is the best time to spice things up in the bedroom! Don’t just sit there in boredom, get on top of one another or explore your own body to help pass the time through this difficult period. 

Sex and masturbation are amazing cures for mental health too so if you are struggling mentally and are unsure what you are going to do with yourself this winter you can always count on getting your rocks off to help lift your positive mood. 

We all have strong hopes that this lockdown will end on the 2nd December, but we all know that there is no certainty with COVID! So don’t let your sex life dry up over this period as we are here to help you with some Lickerish tips!   

Mutual Masturbation 

When we talk about mutual masturbation, I don’t think we understand how this is not only hot but extremely intimate for couples to do! It doesn’t matter the distance between you or your partner, why not get old school and link up on cam to cam for some mutual masturbation and visual foreplay. Get that quick burst of pleasure which has been so pent up to gush out. 

Dress up for your partner in something extremely hot or your favourite role play outfit and surprise them out of the blue for a steamy facetime session. You don’t have to just use your hands for this kind of playtime neither,  you can get more adventurous with sex toys and I can ensure you will be a full on pornstar by the end of this lockdown. 

If you want to be closer to your partner you can also purchase cloning toys which will replicate your partners private parts. You can use this to masturbate yourself with, whilst still remembering how they feel inside you or how you feel inside them.

If the distance is not a thing for you and your partner you are extremely lucky this lockdown and should definitely do all the experimenting you can by having a masturbation faceoff! This puts role play and teasing to an absolute maximum and by the end of your faceoff your partner will be gagging to touch, feel and be wrapped around you. 

You can also introduce toys into this session and have your partner going wild, by doing things with your sex toys they could only dream of doing! This is also a perfect way to show and educate your partner on what you like and how you like to be masturbated. Lets just say you could call this your own personal sex education class and you only have one pupil to teach!

TOPTIP: Why not sit at opposite sides of the room to intensify the session. 

Masturbation Alone 

If you haven’t got a partner this lockdown don’t be all doom and gloom, there is just as much fun to be had masturbating alone if not more! Set the mood and atmosphere right and lay yourself down and explore what you really like. Buy a selection of different sex toys and push yourself to the extreme whilst really getting to know what your wants and needs are, who knows you might stumble across something you would of never have dreamed of trying before lockdown. 

Liberate yourself and become at one with your body, slip and slide around with lubricants and massage oils. It is always best to get in touch with yourself and become sexually grown, so you can dish out this experience on your new partner, That’s if you will even want a new partner after exploring your own masturbation skills! 

Mental Health Masturbation

Masturbation is also a great stress reliever along with great sex itself and can be even more fun with a huge selection of different toys.  By exploring and trying out new masturbation techniques this will also enpower you to discuss sex and sex toys more freely and confidently with your partner and even your friends. Masturbation, sex and sex toys are no longer that taboo subject to be afraid of and hide. Over the years all these hot topics have become clear normality and we all have needs and cravings to satisfy. 

Having a healthy and frequent sex life is proven to help keep a steady and constructive mindset, so next time you aren’t feeling yourself raise your libido and jump in the sack! You will be amazed at how much your mood has improved after.

Get Your Toys Out

Sex toys will add even more pleasure in the bedroom and in your sex life. It doesn’t matter if you are masturbating on your own with a vibrator or getting yourself sopping wet with a clitoral stimulator! Or looking for a toy to pleasure both such as cock rings and vibrating bullets! There is something for all at The Lickerish Shop and we will be open 24-7 during lockdown to help boost your wellness during this difficult period.  

Switching up your old routine with sex toys will add extra adventure to your single or couple experience. Get on top or under one another this lock down and send your hormones sky high with plenty of orgasms. We don’t know how long lockdown will be this time round so don’t let it dry up your sex life as there is tons to explore. 

Try A New Sex Position

Check out our socials and you will see plenty of hints and tips for new Karma Sutra positions that you can try out on a weekly basis. This will secure your intimacy and keep you and your partner well bonded during lockdown. Make a bond that is unbreakable and set to pave the future for a healthy relationship and sex life as well as keeping your own wellbeing intact and nourished. 

There are plenty out there so why not explore now! Maybe even try reading the Karma Sutra guide for some intimate positions you could try out. You could even make it a challenge for you both. Why not try a new position each day that you’ve not tried before, the list is endless.

Before trying out your new positions, make the occasion extra special and provide a sensual massage on your partner getting into every nook and cranny. This will enhance your sensitivity and relax your body ready for the twists and turns of the positions you may find yourself in. Check out our sensual massage oil or vibrating massaging wands collection to add more stimulation. 

If you are going to be exploring new things or getting yourself in more experienced positions you may not be used too. Try adding some lube to help ease your partner or your toys in much more easily. If you are wanting to go the extra mile with oral stimulation on your partner check out our flavoured oral lubricant range GoodHead.

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